Korean Men’s Perm / Style By Artista Hyuck

Korean Men’s Perm / Style By Artista Hyuck

Date: 16/9/2024-17/9/2024

Day 1|6 hours
– Haircut & 2 types of Perming style
– Airy AZ Perm
– Hair perm that 80% of Korean men have the desire to have
– Middle hair length cut
– Down-perm

Day 2|4 hours
– Korean men’s short hair cut

– How to create the famous Korean men square shape head form
– Downperm

Hands-on Day Two|4 hours
– Korean Men’s Haircut
– Downperm

Course Overview

  • Koreans men hairstyle important points and in-depth understanding
  • Side profile
  • Methods on how to fixate the hair placement
  • In-depth explanation on the importance of perming rod’s Direction & Angle


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