WENZI 中国发型师商业教父

WENZI 中国发型师商业教父




Day 1: 10am -5pm
Day 2: 10am-9pm
Day 3: 10am-5pm

Fees: RM3988(3 days course)

Wen Zi, President of AYHA (Asia Pacific Youth Hairdresser Association), one of the most influential figures in the beauty industry in the Asia-Pacific region, is an extremely artistic hairstylist with a strong sense of beauty. He has achieved a single-day record breaking sales of over 500,000 RMB, creating a legend in the industry.

He has been praised by industry media as the “God of Wealth in the Beauty Industry“.

Suitable Learners

  1. Hairstylists with untapped potential in building their own unique brand identity (IP)
  2. Hairstylists who are ready to unleash their personal charm and create an irresistible persona
  3. Hairstylists eager to explore the limitless possibilities of internet tools to expand their clientele
  4. Hairstylists with a hunger to master the art of driving private traffic for boosting their performance
  5. Hairstylists keen on refining their proposal design skills to dazzle clients
  6. Hairstylists committed to enhancing their communication skills for stronger connections
  7. Hairstylists on the brink of breaking through to new heights in performance.
  8. Hairstylists with the drive to elevate their project rates and increase customer spending

Course Overview

  1. Utilising short video scene for self-boosting and transformation
  2. Mastering the art of turning private traffic into cash in a cool loop
  3. Using effective communication strategies for better results

Requires English translator

  1. RM100 / pax


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