Refund Policy

Our academy has a no refund policy once enrolment and payment have been completed for a course. This policy allows us to keep tuition costs affordable and continue providing specialized, high-quality education.

However, we understand that unanticipated circumstances may prevent a student from attending their purchased course. In such cases, a student may request to transfer the full amount paid to another equivalent course at our academy at no additional cost.

If a student wishes to transfer to a more expensive course, they will be responsible for paying the difference in tuition. If the new course is of higher value than the original course, the student will need to pay the balance prior to transferring.

If a student transfers to a less expensive course, no refund will be provided for the difference in fees.

This refund policy applies once enrollment and payment have been processed. Please review all course details and tuition costs carefully prior to enrolling and remitting payment. If you have any questions, please contact us before enrolling.

We appreciate your understanding of our refund policy which enables us to maintain exceptional educational programs and services for our students.